Monday, March 10, 2008

March chapter meeting

The chapter meeting for March will be held at the Chapter House. For those hardy souls who are interested, the retreat will begin Friday evening with fish dinner and Stations of the Cross at Our Lady of the Valley, then overnight at Homedale for community good times. The meeting Saturday will be held at the Chapter House. Mass to follow confessions at OLV on Saturday afternoon, and the doubly-hardy souls to return to the Chapter House for Saturday evening and Sunday till the cows come home.

New! the chapter house now has electricity, heat, and running water.

Those needing a ride, directions, or more information, can contact the usual suspects:
Anita: 250-9091
Stephanie: 850-9688
Bonnie: 442-7139
Gayle: 371-8283

as for the retreat/meeting, Mike Turner writes:

At our chapter meeting during the retreat (on March 15), we will have up to 5 presentations followed by a colloquy. We may want to get aggressive about keeping the presentations trim. We'll see. In any event, we will certainly have the colloquy afterwards.

The topic for the colloquy will be Luke 16:1-8, the Parable of the Dishonest Steward, ending with Jesus's words: "The children of the world are more prudent in dealing with this generation than are the children of the light." And the question to consider will be: by means of this parable, what might Jesus be telling us as individuals and as members of the Blessed Margaret of Castello chapter? How do we tend to succeed or fail in exercising prudence? (There will be no immediate canings for digressing into general crises in contemporary Catholicism, but we will tether you, so that the focus should be on: us.)

Anyone who has seen particularly interesting analyses of this parable is invited to share them via email before or after the meeting.

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