Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Over at the Salve Regina blog, there is a reference and explanation of the term "vomitories", and some thoughts on baseball.

Amerio Romano, in Iota Unum has a few chapters devoted to Somatolatry. Somatolatry is characteristic of our day; the idolization of the body. That and it's inherent companion, materialism(1), are probably the basis of most Catholic's opposition to the death penalty, as their opposition is not rooted in Catholic teaching (as they immediately display by linking their opposition to the commandment, Thou shalt not kill. Anyway, some thoughts on sports in Iota Unum are worthy of consideration.

(1). Materialism: In a Catholic context, materialism refers solely to the belief in material existence only (as contrasted to the worldly use of the term for what is really greed; the acquisition of unnecessary goods). While all Catholics profess a belief in the immaterial, at times many of us inadvertantly live as though we were a materialist (ie: as though God did not exist), a temptation we all succumb to to a certain extent, a tendancy Br. Lawrence teaches a way to combat in his "Practice of the Presence of God."

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