Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Favorite Saints Meme

Theocoid has tagged me with the Favorite Saints meme. Ok…

Favorite Saints:

1. St. Bede, whose Ecclesiastical History of England opened my eyes to the witness of the martyrs, and
2. St. Augustine, whose Confessions showed me the one sign given to unbelievers, of whom I was the first, and
3. St Theresa of Avila, who showed me the Interior Castle of the spiritual life, and
4. St. Dominic, whose Life shows how to bring it to others.

Favorite Blessed:
Bl. Margaret of Castello, hands down first place. But I’ve also a warm spot in my heart for Bl. Carino, the assassin who felled St. Peter Martyr, and who after conversion, lived out his penitential life in humble monastic service.

Who should be canonized:
Tomás de Torquemada and Cardinal Ximénez. Read Walsh’s “Characters of the Inquisition” to understand that "don't be judgmental" swings both ways; the Best of men in the worst of times.

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