Monday, May 14, 2007

St. Bernard quoted in DIVINE INTIMACY

DIVINE INTIMACY by Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, O.C.D.
#176 Mary’s Humility.

“O Virgin! Glorious stem, to what sublime height do you raise your corolla? Straight to Him who is seated on the throne, to the God of Majesty. I do not wonder, since you are so deeply rooted in humility. Hail, Mary, full of Grace! You are deeply rooted in humility, for you are pleasing to God, to the angels, and to men: to men, by your maternity; to the angels, by your virginity; to God, by your humility. It is by your humility that you attract the glance of God, of Him who regards the humble, but looks at the proud from afar. As Satan’s eyes are fixed on the proud, so God’s eyes are on the lowly” (St. Bernard)

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