Monday, December 18, 2006

Instruction, induction

Chapter meeting yesterday was such a delight and I am grateful to all who participated and who made it work so well. Especially to Bonnie Fitzpatrick OPL, for putting together a fine program for Marilyn Wylde OPL, our newest member, and to Stephanie DeNinno OPL for the wonderful St. Dominic cake for the 800th anniversary celebration. Thanks also to Ruth Robertson OPL for arranging for Nahum Jacobson to speak to the group about the movement generally known under the heading of "Messianic Jews." And also thanks to Maria Turner (wife of Mike Turner OPL) and the Schola Cantorum from Sacred Heart Parish, for coming at the close of our meeting to help us sing the Salve Regina; something we now will do after each meeting.

I was at the grocery store at about 8AM and ran into a coworker and his wife, who asked if I was buying food for a church event. You should have seen his eyebrows go up when I said "yes, for an 800 year anniversary celebration." "It's not everyone who celebrates 800 years of anything..." he replies. Sometimes we take for granted the depth of our history!

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