Friday, December 29, 2006

His goodness was hidden...

From today's Office of Readings, from St. Bernard
(Sermo 1, in Epiphania Domini)

The goodness and humanity of God our Savior have appeared in our midst. We thank God for the many consolations he has given us during this sad exile of our pilgrimage here on earth. Before the Son of God became man his goodness was hidden, for God's mercy is eternal, but how could such goodness be recognized? It was promised, but it was not experienced, and as a result few believed in it.
St. Bernard was speaking of those living before the incarnation, perhaps of us today he would say, It is proclaimed, but it is not experienced, and as a result few believe in it. I wonder if perhaps the reality is closer to It is proclaimed, but few believe in it, and as a result it is not experienced.

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