Friday, December 01, 2006


This morning was the first day of the season with icy roads after a light snowfall; I had to take my daughter to school early, then off to Sacred Heart Parish for the first mass to be sung by the Schola Cantorum formed by Maria Turner, wife of Mike Turner OPL, of this chapter. This mass opened the "40 hours devotion" that Maria has organized. The choir, only recently deemed "not appropriate" for singing at mass, is singing at three masses this weekend. After mass, on the way to work, I was involved in an accident on the icy roads. Fortunately no one was injured, and I had the opportunity to meet and visit with several delightful people whom Providence had decided needed to do something quite different than what they had planned for that hour of this glorious day. In fact, in considering the collection of circumstances out of the ordinary that put me in that place at that time, any of which not taken, whould have enabled me to not have been hit, I had to pause and give thanks to God for all the times where the collections of circumstances which would have put me in a very bad place, did not happen. May He be ever praised.

which is a long introduction to something that Bill White posted back to me in a comment on my "Anniversary" entry, an item I'd sent him in 1998. It still touches my soul. Thanks, Bill!

Thank you, Oh gracious Lord,
for the love with which you created us;
Thank you, Oh gracious Lord,
for the justice with which you condemned us,
Thank you, Oh gracious Lord,
for the mercy with which you redeemed us.


  1. What a wonderful way to give thanks to God! If only more of us could pause to reflect on God's presence when we are struck with misfortunes. Sometimes when I say to my patients, "I know this wasn't in your plan for the day," very few of them think about praising God for saving them from a worse misfortune.

  2. Hey, Mark.

    I'm glad to hear the accident wasn't serious.

    BTW, I seem to recall that the chancel choir was deemed "not-ready-for-prime-time" by the previous liturgical coordinator. Keep me posted on the progress of the schola.