Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cross of Remembrance taking shape!

Yesterday, on Memorial Day, prioress Mrs Kathleen Schuck OP arranged for a group of folks to come out with a trencher to cut the outline of the Cross of Remembrance Memorial Garden in the ground at our Homedale Chapter House. This project will contain 1000 small crosses to commemorate babies lost before birth. Joe Spurgeon of Colorado was visiting and came out to help:

Here's a shot the gives an idea of the size. The cross is 75 feet long and 50 feet across.

Here's a shot of Mrs Gayle Boyer OP helping Joe with the stones which will form the outline of the cross. There is to be a 5 foot wide brick walkway around the cross, and the interior will be infilled with white gravel.

For more information, see page 29 in the March edition of the Lay Dominican Newsletter, Truth Be Told (click here), or the online order page (click here).

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