Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thank you Mary Meade OPL and David Javidian OPL!

for a delightful presentation!

Mary first spoke about the natural law, what it is, and how it is a guide to life, regardless of the faith or lack thereof in a person, being truly universal; built into us.

David did a nice review of the Holy Father's new encyclical Caritas in veritate in the light of the Holy Father's use of the natural law to undergird his positions in various parts of the encyclical.

A lively discussion followed in the best of Dominican tradition! Come to Our Lady of the Valley Saturday at 1PM where the discussion will continue!

Then again, it seems Dominicans cant ge't together without food & drink and informal discussion...

...which sometimes ends up even less formal (and less food, but no less drink!)

During the Q/A session, this delightful fellow wanted to know where Jesus was in all this "natural law" stuff; an excellent question! I hope he comes Saturday; he left before I could invite him, I hope someone who knows him will pass along the invitation!.

Made in the image of God, we follow Jesus when we seek "the Way, the Truth, and Life"; as St. Louis de Montfort pointed out, the alternative is people who "wander, in error and falsehood, and death" - without Jesus as their guide.