Sunday, May 03, 2009

Truth Be Told - Issue #4

Issue #4 of "Truth Be Told, Bringing Christ to the World," the newsletter of the Laity of the Province of the Holy Name of Jesus, is completed and is online for reading/downloading at:


  1. REALLY LIKE the Father Frank Pavone article. Will need to re-read.

    While in principle, you may not need a Living Will, after a certain age, it doesn't if you've popped an artery and split your skull, the first thing they want to talk about is your Living Will, your DNR/DNI, and p.o.a. for health care.

    So in order to have access even to "ordinary measures" to save life, you may be forced to deal with the post-Christian medical establishment on their terms.

  2. Hmm. Make that: "it doesn't MATTER if you've popped an artery..."

    (Typo not caused by medical emergency :^)