Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Here's the music to "Most Pure and Lowly Virgin" which was the processional hymn sung at the Solemn Professions (click to enlarge for a printable size version).

The words are by Fr. W. Becket Soule, O.P., set to the music of "Thaxted", an early 20th century piece by Holst. There is also a SABT setting here, and the music can be heard here as well.

The Dominicans apparently use this regularly for Solemn Vows and Ordinations; it will be appropriate to use it for our professions as well.


  1. "traditional" in some sense, perhaps - it's by Holst. From the Planets - Jupiter, I think, but I am not sure.

  2. I just heard this today at a mass of solemn profession of the vows for my friend Corwin Saxon Low, OP at St Dominic's in San Francisco. I was moved to tears.

  3. It is beautiful! I had planned to be there for Br Corwin's solemn profession, but was unable to attend.