Saturday, December 06, 2008

Idaho Chooses Life!

To David Ripley, Executive Director of Idaho Chooses Life, a hearty "THANK YOU" for once again producing a fine evening. And to Judy Brown, for coming and speaking to those assembled, a big "THANK YOU" as well.

A couple thoughts from Judy Brown stuck fast; an admission that being tied to one political party was a serious mistake; a huge admission from one of the architects of that marriage of convienence. Judy stressed many times, and I will do so and I ask you to do so;

"Abortion is not a political issue, it is a procedure that kills a baby."

Whenever you hear abortion argued as politics, get it back on track with this line.

most intriguing, a quote from a Pastor Childers:

"African-American genocide now has a face; Obama."
Time to call the liars out, no more hiding behind obfuscation.

Judy pointed out that NO ONE in this recent election called any candidate to the carpet for the specious claim of not being pro-abortion, but pro-choice. Try it; the next time someone says that sort of moronic thing, then say "Then I can expect you to vote against abortion when you get the choice."


David Ripley's article at ICL:
Idaho Is Blessed by Judie Brown

!!Well, what do you know... I can count 7 Dominicans in the picture above...

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