Friday, October 10, 2008

Get a (prayer) life!

Fr Speekman has an excellent post down under, his most excellent homily
28th Sunday of Ordinary Time - Year A

So what about Lectio Divina?

Let me firstly give you an image. You're on a railway platform waiting for the train. Are you really waiting for the train? No, you are really waiting for the arrival of the person who is on the train. It would be silly if the train pulled in and we all stood around admiring the train and ignored the passengers.

Admiring the train is what's called Bible Study. Lectio Divina is searching for the passenger.

And you know which passenger I mean, don't you - it's God himself - the God of love - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

It's easy to slip from Lectio Divina into Bible Study and its a dangerous confusion. For Lectio Divina you really only need a good Bible with some good footnotes. You can always do some Bible Study at another time. It's important not to confuse the two.

Lectio Divina, as someone once said, is not studying the bible, it's letting the bible study you.
that's a taste, go read it all!

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