Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fascinating "dialogue"

Anita at V-for Victory has some pictures which are an embarassment to our political process, in her post More Liberal Compassion.

a couple weeks ago Rachael Maddow interviewed David Frum on her program. This is a fascinating video, well worth watching. Watch how David turns the tables on Rachael, he's got her dead to rights, and her squirming is palpable.

"given the small plate of responsibility that you personally have, how do you manage that responsibility? The fact that other people fail in other ways, is not an excuse for you failing in your way." david's response to Rachael's trying to equate her lack of respect with convention hecklers yelling "kill Obama."

Watch it here. fascinating.

If you find her self-defense acceptable and her criticism valid, then see Anita's post linked above. the noose swings both ways.

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