Friday, October 12, 2007

The mystery of suffering

Each day, I have wondered about so many things, but this week the readings in the book DIVINE INTIMACY have come home to roost. As our Lord came in the flesh to suffer and be rejected by men, He willed that the salvation of all who are to be saved, be tied to His body, the Church, which, with Him at its head, continues to suffer and be rejected to the end of the world; and this is how souls are to receive grace of salvation, by our suffering united with Him. We want suffering no more than He did (father, let this cup pass);, oh yeah, we'd rather not.

But we are.

Oh Lord, You poured out Your blood to the last drop, and I stumble at the littlest sufferings. You silently endured the torments of the men whom You created for Yourself who in justice should love You, and I whine when the children who should love You turn their backs; Therefore, since this is Your will, I beg you the strength to carry this yoke which You promised would not be more than I can carry; Help me to carry it for You and for those whom You love; inspire in my heart a love for those whom You love and carried your cross, so that I can stand and hoist it with all that I am and all that I have, united with You to the end.

Do not let my heart be distracted by the passing things of the world.

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