Monday, October 01, 2007

crying out, with tears, said, Lord. Help my unbelief. (Mk 9:23)

From Divine Intimacy, by Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen O.C.D.


Be of good heart, son, thy sins are forgiven thee (Mt 9:1-8)

Let us never say our faith is weak because we do not see or touch with our hand the truth which is proposed for our belief; let us rather admit that it is weak because our heart is not sufficiently docile to grace, nor entirely free from pride. If we want to have strong faith, let us be as humble and simple as children; if we wish to share in the grace and sanctification which was given to the paralytic, let us offer ourselves to Our Lord with contrite, humble heats, thoroughly convinced that we need His help and forgiveness.

Faith to move mountains is given to us in baptism, yet we struggle with faith. Fr. Gabriel here has hit the nail on the head; the graces of faith are showered down upon us, but pride is the umbrella that keeps us dry.

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