Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Humpty Dumpty

During the two days I was off work to be in Oregon, someone pushed off the wall the Humpty Dumpty database that it is my working life to nurse and coax; I'm not even interested in the usual denials (I didn't do it) because I don't really care that much about who, I just need to patch it up so that things work well again. my chain of Humpty-Dumpties must fall in the right order for all the complex interconnected databases to function properly, which they have done without failing for the last 8 years (hard to beleive). Anyway, that is a long description of why the dearth of posts for the last week! so, oddly, the number of visits recorded by Sitemeter has actually increased (does that mean readers prefer me not to post?) so I'm putting up a list of where recent visitors have come from, as I always find this rather interesting.

United States Rupert, Idaho
United States Canton, Massachusetts
France Collobrires, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur
United States Boise, Idaho
United States Moscow, Idaho
Canada Essex, Ontario
United States Laurel, Maryland
United States Syracuse, New York
United States Boulder, Colorado
Poland Warsaw, Warszawa
United States Fairfax, Virginia
Austria Wien
United States Hinesville, Georgia
Italy Napoli, Campania
United States Star, Idaho
United States Kirkland, Washington
United States Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Australia Camberwell, Victoria
United States Anderson, South Carolina
United States Phoenix, Arizona
United States Laurel, Maryland
United States Jackson, Mississippi
France Paris, Ile-de-France
United States Columbia, Missouri
United Kingdom Greenford, Slough
United States Atlantic City, New Jersey
France Paris, Ile-de-France
Canada Montral, Quebec

So for all those who regularly drop by, and those who come and go, may God's love and mercy be with you, sustain you, and bring you to everlasting life.


  1. Hinesville- Hey, that's me!!!
    I look in daily, and enjoy all your postings new and old.

  2. Hi taliesin!

    I see some interesting reading ahead on your pages. hopefully Lydia, our newest member, will touch bases as I understand that her husband is both a physician and Carmelite!

    May God bless you and assist you to live your faith in your work.

  3. Ok, now that I've read your conversion story, you are Lydia's husband, right? :)

    The connection is apparent