Monday, April 18, 2005

Music found!

A small thing, but a delight none the less!

The Liturgy of the Hours, Evening Prayer, Friday, Week 2 and Week 4, opens with the song

Father We Thank Thee
L. Bourgeois, 1543
From the Didache (110)
Tr. F. Bland Tucker

Considering the antiquity of the Didache (as in 110 AD), and the music it is set to is over 450 years old, I've long desired to find the music to this piece. Finally found it in: The People's Hymnal (yes, it has a red cover).

the music is here.


  1. Dear Mark,

    This tune is also available on pages 1556-1557 of the 1-volume condensation of the LOH Christian Prayer from Catholic Book Publishing Company, and here under "Rendez a Dieu" at the Cyberhymnal.

    You may also be interested in the Psalms set to various meters here.

    Cheers -


  2. Bill,

    Thanks for the links!!