Saturday, April 23, 2005

Advice or discipleship?

Now that the church has a new vicar of Christ, she is garnering much (unasked-for) advice on what she must do to survive... St. Augustine commented on this very thing 1500+ years ago...

St. Augustine of Hippo Expositions on the Psalms

Let them not go before, but follow; let them not give counsel, but take it. For Peter would go before the Lord, when the Lord spake of His future Passion: he would to Him as it were give counsel for His health. The sick man to the Saviour give counsel for His health! And what said he to the Lord, affirming that His future Passion? "Be it far from Thee, Lord. Be gracious to Thyself. This shall not be to Thee." He would go before that the Lord might follow; and what said He? "Get thee behind Me, Satan." By going before thou art Satan, by following thou wilt be a disciple. The same then is said to these also, "Let them be turned back and brought to confusion that think evil against me." For when they have begun to follow after, now they will not think evil against me, but desire my good.

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