Thursday, April 02, 2020

Something to think about

A More Horrifying Kind of Death
St Augustine

…[C]onsider, and understand that more horrifying kind of death everyone who sins dies. But every man is afraid of the death of the flesh; few, of the death of the soul. In regard to the death of the flesh, which must certainly come sometime, all are on their guard against its approach: this is the source of all their labour. Man, destined to die, labours to avert his dying; and yet man, destined to live forever, labours not to cease from sinning. And when he labours to avoid dying, he labours to no purpose, for its only result will be to put off death for a while, not to escape it; but if he refrain from sinning, his toil will cease, and he shall live forever. Oh that we could arouse men, and be ourselves aroused along with them, to be as great lovers of the life that abides, as men are of that which passes away! Tractate 49 on the Gospel of John

Credit "Stones Will Shout"

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