Monday, March 03, 2014

No, I've seen them praying to Idols!

No matter how many times a Catholic explains special devotions to those not familiar with nor friendly to the fullness of the faith, there comes back, again and again, a denial of truth vouchsafed by "I've seen them, on their knees, praying to their idol of Mary!"

Yes, my darkened brother, you have seen people on their knees; Is it not amazing how you know the secrets of their heart? Well, "Stop judging by appearances, but judge justly" (Jn 7-24).

For if the charge of idol worship could be so lightly laid and be true, what am I to think when I see you praying on your knees before your bed at night?

Should I assume, since you are kneeling before your bed, that you are worshiping and praying to your bed, and in spite of your protestations, reply "No, you worship idols; I have seen you on your knees praying to your bed!"

It would be nice if we'd have a little more smarts and charity than the glorified monkeys that the fans of Darwin would have us be...


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