Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Succor Creek fire, upcoming retreat, Novice visit

It started with a run out to the Chapter House to pick up some things. A little tending the garden, right? A little of this, a little of that... and the day is gone. Going to Homedale is like that.

But the clouds rolled in (well, one really big one), the wind came up, and the lightening started over the Owyhee Mountains...

By late evening this was the view from the driveway last night at the Dominican Chapter House! Well, OK, we drove over to Succor Creek Road in Oregon, 3-4 miles away, to get a better picture.  Lightening and gusty winds combined to drive this fire over several thousand acres. It started around 9PM and driven by the wind had agressively traveled several miles north. around 1AM the winds died down and the fire with it.

We did not evacuate the chapel because there are two miles of irrigated crops between the fire and the Chapter House, so it should be quite safe. Really. According to Channel 7 news (who was on the scene last night), the fire is about 10,000 acres this morning.  If the BLM remains true to form, they will let it burn a whole lot more before they do much of anything about it. this is nature at work, cleansing the earth.

The following picture was taken at the Chapter House on June 10 of this year. The sunsets are marvelous, and it has been a great blessing to me to have been able to stay there for the last four months.

And thanks to Jennine Cressman's husband for the suggestion on repairing the pews! I know that our security is in the Lord Jesus our Savior, but it is also nice to sit in pews that don't threaten to dump you on the floor without notice!

John and I were recently in Oakland for the Lay Provincial council meeting, where we made sure Rev Brother Peter Hannah OP will be coming as our retreat master. We didn't have to twist his arm. much. (John had a pretty good grip on him here, you think?)

Seriously, Br Peter is an engaging speaker and a delight. And he'll be here with Fr Vincent Kelber OP! This is one dynamic duo! The July 19-21 retreat should be wonderful - see you there.

Yes, and don't forget that Fr Anthony Rosevear OP is coming with the novice class on July 11! There will be a potluck at the Chapter House at 7PM to greet these young men who will make their first vows on August 31. They will stay the night then travel to Seattle on the 12th.

These young men are signing up to light a different kind of fire, one that brings light to a world plunging into darkness. Pray that the Lord of the harvest send more workers into His vineyard.

May God grant eternal rest to the 19 firefighters who lost their lives yesterday in Arizona, and comfort to their families.

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