Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A wonderful retreat

The Chapter retreat with Fr Brian Mullady OP was a great success!

Father gave us three presentations on the journey to union with God, based on St Theresa of Avila's Interior Castle and presented according to Garigou Lagrange's Three Ways of the Interior Life. It is clear to me that Father is a gifted teacher; the presentations were both concise and moving.

Saturday was a full day capped by dinner at the lovely home of our Subprioress Carolyn Reese. Father and a couple of intrepid members even sat outside in the 20 degree weather to enjoy cigars! Sunday we convened at the Chapter house for Mass and a potluck lunch, then sent Father to the airport to try and get him home before the snow hit Portland.

Speaking of which, snow has finally hit Boise today, with an expected snowfall of 4 to 8 inches, I've already got at least three inches outside my door. Yes, I stayed home today, beautiful and needed as it is, I don't want to travel in that stuff!

we're told to expect a good week of rain after today, for which we give thanks.

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  1. I'm glad you had a good visit! I'm picking Fr. Mullady up at the airport in Houston this evening; He's in town giving two lectures, one at my parish and another at the University of St. Thomas.