Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Truth Be Told issue #18 - Newsletter of the Laity of the Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus

The 18th issue of "Truth Be Told," the newsletter of the Laity of the Province of the Holy Name of Jesus has been posted to the web.

The newsletter is available for download at the provincial web page here:

This issue completes the third year of publication of Truth Be Told! Although it will probably never attain 100% original content, I am pleased by the steady increase of original material appearing in these pages.

There is a new feature on the website where the newsletter is posted. Previously, the same version of the newsletter appeared there as I send subscribers by email. Now, the version available on the web for download is a higher resolution, printer-ready edition that is about 300% larger in size, and the smaller email version is also availble through a link. We have done this so that people who want to print a clearer, sharper copy can do so. The emailed version is intentionally smaller and optimal for online reading, as well as for downloading over a slower connection speed.

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