Saturday, May 21, 2011

May Meeting

Well, the May meeting is over! We held this one at St Paul's Student Center, BSU, for the second time in a row. This time we were able to use the lower loung, which is where we met for the first 8 years. So it was sort of like a homecoming.

We were a little late getting the web telecast started, aplogies for that! Matt Keenan worked hard to do a professional job and we are very grateful.

We were very pleased to be joined by Father Andrew Szymakowski of the Baker Diocese.

Presentations by Anita, Mike, Phil (looking very professorial here), Stephanie and Carolyn were all very good.

Remarkably, the peanut gallery was relatively quiet this meeting. Perhaps Paul put the fear in all of us...

John and Matt kept the video going as best they could, but bandwith was being sucked up somehere else and had a negative impact on our ability to stream the content.

To all who watched, thank you. To Matt Keenan, a special thanks, and stay tuned next month to do it again; this time from Our Lady of the Valley, Caldwell, on June 18!

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