Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Duty to die

From the Irish prolife site, Family and Life:

Belgian Court Decides Disabled Child Denied “Right” to be Aborted
A Belgian court has ruled that a disabled child was denied his “right” to be aborted. Belgian journal, Revue Générale des Assurances et Responsabilités, has just published a decision rendered by the Brussels Court of Appeal on 21 September 2010 in a case of a child born disabled after an erroneous prenatal diagnosis. The Court ruled that the child, represented by his parents, could claim damages from physicians for the injury of being born disabled. "Certainly, the misdiagnosis did not cause the child's disability, which existed before the error and which could not be remedied," the Court considered. "However, the injury which must be compensated is not the disability itself, but the fact of being born with such disabilities." For the Court, the child would have had "right" to an abortion if the disability had been...
Details: http://www.familyandlife.org/Abortion-and-Embryo/2050/9/13.html

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