Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Clash of the Titan

From "The Moynihan Report" - Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand takes on Christopher West and the serious problems in the way he presents "Theology of the Body." Since "The Moynihan Report" is currently offline, I've provided a link to the article. Dr. Moynihan has done an excellent job of providing background for this sensitive discussion.

A Theological Debate Heats Up
By Robert Moynihan

What is the right relationship between sex and sanctity? That's what many Catholics in the US are asking as a simmering theological debate over the "Theology of the Body" threatens to boil over and further test the unity of the Church in the US. The debate touches on issues ranging from the doctrine of original sin to the legacy of Pope John Paul II. And the hierarchy itself seems divided...

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and yes, I know that the movie title is "Clash of the Titans" but there is only one deserving the title here. not to give away my position, but her initials are Alice Von Hildebrand.

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  1. ROFL!

    Alice von Hildebrand certainly is a titan, and she had a husband to match. (Though she gives him credit for inspiring all her accomplishments.)