Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Prayer request

Sr. Constance, a Dominican noviate, daughter of Mike Collins who is a deacon at St. Paul, Nampa, is studying in a convent in Nashville, TN where there has been terrible flooding. Please pray for her, the sisters and all of the residents of the area. The deaths are in the teen numbers and rising.

Dear Friends,

We are praying that those of you in Tennessee are safe and dry when you receive this. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

Many of you have inquired about the status of the Motherhouse after hearing news of flooding in the Nashville area. We are grateful to God that we are able to report that the Motherhouse sustained no damage during the flooding in Nashville, and that all the sisters are safe. Similarly, the three schools of The Dominican Campus sustained little to no damage during the two days of record flooding in Nashville.

The joy of this news is tempered by the loss suffered by many of the families whom we serve in the schools of middle Tennessee. The sisters of St. Cecilia serve in six different schools in the diocese of Nashville. Of these, five schools remain closed. Many teachers, as well as students' families have lost homes or sustained major damage to their homes. Another local congregation of sisters suffered damage to their convent and some of those sisters are now residing at the Motherhouse.

We ask for your prayers for the families whom we serve, and for the sisters that serve them. We also ask you to join us in humble gratitude to "Our Lady of this House," whom we invoke nightly at the beginning of Night Prayers and Compline, to "protect us from pestilence, fire and water." In this month of May which has begun with uncertainty for so many, may we look to Our Lady to be our certain refuge, and a sure guide to the heart of her Son.

Gratefully in Christ,
Sister Dominic Mary, O.P.
Director of Institutional Advancement

Update courtesy of Friar's Blog, Eastern Province

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