Tuesday, April 06, 2010

An interesting commentary from Jake at the blog Roma locuta est

Saturday, March 27, 2010
Silence all electronic devices ...

At my local parish, the "Commentator" (whose place in the liturgical life of the Church always alludes me), somewhere between greeting the congregation and announcing the opening hymn, reads the following scripted request: "Please take a moment to silence all cell phones and other electronic devices." The irony of this struck me last week when, following the request, the sound of a synthesized piano backed by synthesized strings introduced the elevator music that was to set the tone (or lack thereof) for the liturgy. I wonder if the same request is made at our Sunday evening "Youth Mass" (whose place in the liturgical life of the Church always alludes me) before the electric guitars and synthesized drums begin.

Believe me, I long for the day that we "take a moment to silence all electronic devices".

Jake also wrote a long analysis to go with his observation of irony here:

A Rhythmic Reply ... or rather a Musical Manifesto

Nice work, Jake!


  1. If the Life Teen band won't turn off their electronic devices, can I leave on my electronic device that surreptitiously cuts the juice to the sound system by remote control?

  2. You'll laugh or shake your head at this. As the priest was beginning Mass, his cell phone went off. He joking told everyone that that was his calendar telling him that he had to be here.