Friday, October 16, 2009

Fathers of the Church - CUA translation online

Bill White (at Summa Minutiae) called my attention to the fact that many of the volumns of the 1950 CUA translations of the Fathers of the Church are now online. In his post here, he calls attention to the set of St. Augustine's letters, including the "Letter to Proba" which comes up in the Office of Readings this next week, and was the reading that sent me to the Catholic Church, that Thursday of the 29th week in ordinary time, 1996. Bill was one of the few I still have occasional contact with who helped me to learn the faith and enter the Catholic Church.

Doubly thanks, Bill!


  1. Excellent! More Patristics sources!

  2. Thanks, Mark! I didn't realize you were so "new" back then.

    Cheers -