Monday, April 27, 2009

Protestant scholar's words

ALthough published in 1870, this remains remarkably cogent for today:

"Only superficial minds, that disdain the study of documents, and are blinded by the pretended superiority of our epoch, or by systematic hatred, dare accuse the Church of having favored ignorance"

Protestant historian Frederick Hurter, History of Innocent III, book xxi, quoted in The Invitation Heeded, by James Kent Stone

If anyone wants to read Hurter in the French, and has 55 eu to part with...

HURTER, F.E.Histoire du pape Innocent III et de son siècle,
d'après les monuments originaux. Traduction nouvelle, augmentée d'une introduction, de notes historiques et de pièces justificatives, par L'Abbé Jager et Th. Vial. Tome I-II. Paris, A. Vaton & Gaume Frères, 1840. [iv],xxxvi,792; [iv],852p. 2 vols. 8vo. 21x13 cm. Later library binding. Good copy. Interesting history of Innocent III (ca 1160-1216), champion for the freedom of the church against the kings & striving for peace for the people, by F.E.Hurter (1787-1857) official historiographer of the Austrian empire.

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