Friday, September 22, 2006


More from Burnett...

Did Jesus condemn "traditions of men?" Many protestants throw this charge at the Church, that it substitutes the "traditions of men" for the word of God. So, what gives here?

Jesus condemned specific traditions of men (Mt 15) that He said "make null the commandments of God." Herein lies the source of confusion, and my hat is off to Burnett for making this abundantly clear; may God grant me the grace to pass it along to you.

If I wish to destroy the tradition of the income tax, I must attack the income tax in general. If, however I attack the income tax exemption of the investment tax credit, I actually am attacking a particular, and thus affirming the general! If I argue thusly, I argue agains my own stated purpose. This is a immemorial standard of law familiar to legal minds, pity the rest of us.

Thus, when Jesus attacked specific traditions of men that make null the commandments of God, he affirms tradition of men in general.

Here's the kicker. If he were condemning all traditions, the pharisees and the rest of the Jewish community could have justly called Him a hypocrite, as he erected His own traditions and bound His followers to them (Mt 28:19-20).

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