Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Thank you!

I would like to thank the men of the St. John's Tuesday morning prayer group for volunteering to help with the concrete work!

We will meet at 6:30AM at St. John's and go to Homedale. It should be quick to finish the job with so many willing hands. May God be praised! You have melted my heart.

For a map and directions, click here

In 1913, my great-grandfather lived in Portland OR. He was known as "The gimp Gross" - Now I seem to be growing into a family tradition! I am very grateful to have volunteers to do what I can really no longer do.

After prayer group I went home and read the Divine Office, which today includes Psalm 102. Here is what I read:

Yes, the time appointed has come, for your servants love (Zion's) very stones, and are moved with pity even for her dust.

Considering for next Sunday, we discussed the miracle of the loaves and fishes, where we see Jesus moved with compassion, we can in the psalm relate that the very stones of Zion are the hearts of men, for dust we are and to dust we must return. Aware of the great mercy the Lord has shown us, we learn to show mercy for our neighbor who is loved by God who desires his friendship, as once he desired ours.

Then he will turn to the prayers of the helpless; he will not despise their prayers.

Since my help comes from the Lord, truly the most helpless are those who do not know the Lord! Yet God has made us in his image, and part of that image is to seek the good. And it is true that God seeks us before we seek him, for his grace is totally gratuitous, not merited on our part. Thus the prayer of the helpless can in one sense be thought of as the yearning of the heart of good will seeking the good (ie: God), even though the name of God is unknown. The desire for God is innate, because he put it in every heart.

Let this be written for ages to come that a people yet unborn may praise the Lord;

A people unborn is the unregenerate soul, who has not yet entered the saving waters of baptism. Unborn today, even blaspheming the Lord today, many will yet enter the saving waters and then praise the name of the Lord. Oh joy of the saints and angels of heaven, that a soul be converted!

That he might hear the groans of the prisoners and free those condemned to die.

Due to original sin, we are all born under a death sentence, prisoners to a material life under the lordship of Satan, the prince of the world. In our original ignorance we strain against this while simultaneously embracing it. But our Lord knows our weakness, and has pity on us, and helps us to receive our Savior so that we can escape that death that is eternal.

He has broken my strength in mid-course, he has shortened the days of my life.

The Lord gives, the Lord takes away. Thanks be to God.

Long ago you founded the earth, and the heavens are the work of your hands. They will perish, but you will remain.

We remember when we hear "earth," that we are but dust; and in a sense, the heavens are where God's will is done, and can be thought of as the saints who do God's will. The earth (this mortal coil) perishes, but the heavens (once regenerated, our union with God) will live forever.

God bless,

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