Monday, February 27, 2006

Life of St. Dominic

I should have chapters 4 & 5 of Humbert of Romans on line later today. For now, here is a treat Mike Turner provided.

From "Life of St. Dominic" by Lacordaire, pp. 175-176

In the spring of the year 1219, the Friars continued to multiply; thanks to the preaching of Reginald, the renown of their virtues, and the wonderful and repeated interpositions of Providence. A student at the university [in Bologna] was called in the following manner. When asleep one night, he seemed to be alone in a vast field, when a violent storm arose. He ran to the nearest house, knocked, and asked for shelter; but a voice replied, "I am Justice, and because thou art not just, thou shalt not enter my abode." He then knocked at another door, where another voice answered, "I am the Truth, and cannot receive thee, because Truth shelters none but those who love her." He applied elsewhere, but was repulsed with the words, "I am Peace, and there is no peace for the wicked, but only for the man of good-will." Then he knocked at one door more, and a person opened it, saying, "I am Mercy; if thou desirest to escape the tempest, go to the monastery at San-Niccola, where the Friar Preachers dwell; there thou wilt find the stable of penitence, the crib of chastity, the food of doctrine, the ass of simplicity, the ox of discretion; Mary, who will enlighten thee; Joseph, who will aid thee; and Jesus, who will save thee." On this the student awoke, and regarding his dream as an admonition from Heaven, complied with its admonitions.

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