Friday, July 15, 2005

Retreat on feast of Mary Magdalene

The retreat is shaping up. It begins 7PM on Friday evening, on the feast of Mary Magdalene, the first anniversary of the internment of our beloved Gwen.

Two presentation on the Magdalene will be given. Here's a sample from the first, from Ven Louis of Granada, Summa of the Christian Life, Volume 3, Chapter 19.

Mary Magdalene

Although there are many paths to heaven, all of them can be reduced to two: that of innocence and that of repentance. The first is the way of those who have never sinned; the other is the way of those who, having sinned, have done penance for their sins. The former was the path followed by the Blessed Virgin, St. John the Baptist, and those who never committed a mortal sin; the latter is the path of all other human beings.

Apart from these two paths there is no other because all those who are eventually saved are either innocent or repentant sinners. And since each of these paths requires a guide, divine wisdom has provided two guides that are outstanding. They are the two Marys: Mary, the Mother of the Savior, who was the mirror of innocence; and Mary Magdalene, who was the mirror of repentance. Accordingly, all who travel by the path of innocence should keep their eyes fixed on the first Mary so that they may travel well. But those who travel by the way of repentance should fix their gaze on the second Mary and try to imitate her ardent spirit, her profound sorrow for sin, her vital faith, burning love, and disdain of the world.

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