Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Devotions to St. Dominic

Anita at V for Victory is posting the Novena to St. Dominic taken from a little booklet titled "Devotions to Saint Dominic." Anita also scanned it, and it's now on the chapter website. I have added a link to it at the right under "some more links." It's huge at 25mb (it's a scanned image PDF). This one may need to go on my book transcribing project list, (as it won't take to many downloads to kill our monthly bandwidth quota!

However, if interested, download away, and we'll cope. :)


  1. Only one problem with transcribing, though: how do you transcribe the pictures? :)

  2. how do you transcribe the pictures? :)

    using very poetic language!

  3. How about thousands of cleverly arranged characters, colored with magic markers?