Thursday, August 16, 2007

prayer request just in

Karen Woods OPL forwards this note regarding the earthquake in Peru:

I wrote to ask fr Brian about the situation in Lima after the devastating earthquake, especially news of our brothers and sisters there. Brian is socius for Latin America and normally lives and works in Peru. He is a son of the Southern US Province. This is his reply:

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: "Brian Pierce"

Hi Karen. I happen to be in the States right now. The family of one of my Dominican brothers in Lima (Alfredo) lives right in the part hardest hit. His family's house has collapsed. Alfredo has traveled to be with them and help. I have heard from my community in Lima. They are OK. All phone lines are down in the whole country. Thanks for the prayers. I know that money will be needed in hundreds of places. The bishop of Ica (hardest hit area, which includes Pisco and Chincha) is a Peruvian Dominican. I suspect we Dominicans will be collecting money to help the people of his diocese (where one of the churches in Pisco collapsed full of people -- yesterday being a big feast day, the Feast of the Assumption of Mary). If your community or any others you know want to take up a collection, I will gladly see it gets to the right folks.

Thanks again for your concern,
Brian J. Pierce, OP

Sue Stone also reports:

A friend of mine, Fano, is on vacation Peru...haven't heard anything about her yet. I think she was on a tour. Appreciate any prayers for her and her group.

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