Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Outstanding commentary by Fr. Schall SJ

A fascinating and insightful article by Fr. James Schall SJ quoted by Fr. Z (What Does The Prayer Really Say?)

Fr. James Schall SJ, on the Motu Proprio

In conclusion, I think that the words cited from Benedict in the beginning from Summorum Pontificum strike best at what I want to say here. The concern of the Supreme Pontiffs is that the Church of Christ offers "a worthy worship to the Divine Majesty." It is offered first "to the praise and glory of His name" and secondly "to the benefit of the all His Holy Church." When he promulgated this motu proprio, this is what the Holy Father had in mind. He intended precisely to "benefit" the Church, but one can only do this if we "glorify" God as God Himself has directed us.

this is an outstanding article.

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