Friday, August 10, 2007

A great cloud of witnesses (Heb 12:1)

gazing heavenward with unburdened eye
at wisp and feather, light trace of gold
in west's late evening sky
always watching, ever present
formless wonder, shapes unrepeated
of waters from earth so given
by sun lifted, by sun are seen
only being what has been received
and only seen by light not owned
but received, imparted, and sent along
o promise made, so long ago
that one so desired would be so found
as to be seen as now appearing
on wisp and feather, light trace of gold
light from light, as we have been told
bringing the rain that brings life to earth
that only to dust we might not return
for there lives one who feeds on dust
hearts to soar, rise up to thee
in truth where they are meant to be
One is True, Truth is One,
witness bright with Truth's own light
pray Truth send Love's guiding grace
to make our hearts one with Thee
who art Three in One
now and for eternity.

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