Thursday, April 05, 2007


Yesterday, the Chancel Choir offered their Wednesday Vespers for the intention of Sophia's healing. Now I'll admit that I don't see as well as I could; I need new glasses. But part way through the service, it began to sink in that I was looking at Sophia and her parents in the pews! Her mother was holding her, and she was tired, but she was there!

I was so overwhelmed that I fear I had great difficulty and muffed a take-up in the magnificat.

Never has a thank you, as uttered by Sophia after the service, ever reduced me to a quivering mess before.

Veronica, her mother, repeated Daniela's promise to get the Caringbridge link out soon. She repeated her gratitude for all the prayers offered on Sophia's behalf.


  1. God bless you.

    I was going to offer communion and tonight's vigil for Sophia. As soon as Easter is over I'm going to try to put together a digest of what has gone on and post it.