Monday, February 27, 2012

In the mail!

This weekend I was quite surprised to find in the mail a package in the mail from Br Corwin Low OP; it contained the following booklet:

The booklet, from 1956, is in splendid condition, and contains the "Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary" along with instructions for recitation in choir by Dominican Tertiaries.  Under the rule in force prior to Vatican II, the "Little Office" was required of Dominican Tertiaries; it has been supplanted by the revised Liturgy of the Hours. it appears that the "Little Office" as it is presented here is Sunday's Breviary (in English). Going through it once, it is clear that our prayer obligation today is actually far less effort than that which was previously required.

I scanned and refomatted the Litany to our Lady, which came after the Salve procession after Compline; it is quite lovely and still well worth recitation!

And the Inviolate is a cool prayer as well, so I included it...

Previously Br Corwin had sent me this delightful little book from 1952. Both books were published by "The Rosary Press."

Many thank to Br Corwin Low OP, and my request is that you add your prayers to mine for both he and Br Peter Hanah OP, both of whom will make there solemn vows on April 28 of this year.

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