Thursday, November 05, 2009

USCCB calls on you to act!



Bishops Call for Unprecedented, Massive Catholic Opposition to Abortion in Health Care Reform
The USCCB is calling for diocesan and parish based activation on health care reform.
Use the following documents:

Health Care Cover Note to Leaders - pdf

Health Care Bulletin Insert (the one-stop nationwide parish bulletin insert) - pdf

Health Care Pulpit Announcement & Prayer (a how-to for distributing the materials) - pdf

Health Care Ad Saving Lives Flyer (a flyer to be placed on bulletin boards, etc.) - pdf

Action items: * Please ask your pastor if he intends to use these materials. If he is not aware of them - forward them to him. Or, print them out and bring them to him personally. *Perform the action items described in the materials provided in this USCCB bulletin insert. *Pray that health care reform not be passed unless it is truly universal and pro-life. Health care reform could be voted on as early as next week. These materials need to be in the hands of Catholics starting this weekend.

Thank you for your efforts in serving our bishops and getting the word out.

Note especially this Suggested Prayer of the Faithful: "That Congress will act to ensure that needed health care reform will truly protect the life, dignity and health care of all and that we will raise our voices to protect the unborn and the most vulnerable and to preserve our freedom of conscience. We pray to the Lord."

Health care bills with "greatest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade" to be on Senate and House floors!

Click here to take action now!
Click here to learn more about this critical issue from the National Right to Life Committee.
Click here for talking points, a prayer and more information and resources from Priests for Life!

The above from Priests for Life:

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