Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Adrienne's post Road Confusion contains a link to an aerial view of her property; which is next to Father Gould, which is next to the Orthodox Church; which has in interesting cemetery in the back:

Notice the cross? We have discussed doing the same thing in ours; which is at a much earlier stage of development. very early....

Although this image is about 3 years old, it at least is the first one I've found that picks up the cemetery. Yes. We are over a half mile down a dirt (private) road.

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  1. I'm waiting for the trees to fill out a bit more and than I'm going to take some pictures of the cemetery. They have beautiful gazebo in the center of the cross.

    We can sit on our deck and view their processions and watch their kids play after Divine Liturgy.

    We have even (gasp) donated to their church. No, we don't think the Orthodox Church is "just as good" as the Catholic Church but they are our neighbors and we love them.

    When some dirt bags that live behind us raised a stink about the cemetery I collected letters from all the Catholics on our road (quite a few) to present to the zoning committee. I promised Father Gregory that the Catholics would make sure the Orthodox got their cemetary.