Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Idaho March for Life; Boise

Here are a few pictures from the March for Life (this is my first [and perhaps last?] experiment with video). the march started at the park...

and went to Boise City Hall (the state capitol is closed for renovation)

more of the marchers reach city hall.

We found our spots and hunkered in for the duration in the cold.

A nice group of young folks!

It wasn't an easy task to get a sense for the number of people attending; the space was crowded between Capitol Blvd and City Hall. Anita took the camera and made a valiant, if not OSHA approved, attempt to gain the high ground and get a picture.

Idaho Dominicans carried a banner in the march, and stood in the freezing weather and held it behind the speakers.

Our very own John & Timmy Keenan at the microphone!

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