Monday, January 28, 2008


"The Catholic preacher does not amuse his audience with speculative topics or political harangues, or any other subjects of a transitory nature. He preaches only "Christ, and Him crucified."
-James Cardinal Gibbons, "The Faith of our Fathers" (p38, "HOLINESS OF THE CHURCH")

When I read the above, I thought of this...

which just might also bring on ... yawn...

so when I offer an observation about abuse of the liturgy, inevitably I hear the response "don't judge." I in turn, when you are upset by the snoozers in the pews, suggest the same (for the reason previously posted on this subject tag). After all, they may be "resting in the spirit"

or even "slain in the spirit!"

please join me in offering a prayer for Anita, that our Lord lead her to the work she needs and strengthen her in this time of trial.

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  1. Prayers for Anita!

    I have a right and a responsibility to judge, but not to condemn. A person catching a “few in the pew” is ok with me. I teach my youth classes that in order to be a good Catholic they must learn to sleep with their eyes open.

    Now, the clown is a different story. However, in most cases I pass my judgment and move on – at least mentally. Anger is a useless and very dangerous emotion.