Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sophia - back in ICU

I just received the following update:

Sophia was moved back to intensive care. There are several blood clots, some quite large. They formed in the last 4 days, but they are not sure why so they’ll do more testing. Her fever keeps going up and down, last night around 103-104. Today they are going to do a spinal tap, where they take out a sample of spinal fluid, to check for infections. Because of the clots, she needs to be well hydrated so she’s back with an IV. That has caused her face to get really swollen, but that is the least of the concerns, as they were told. She is getting thinning medication every 12 hours, and that is supposed to help the blood flow so that it can go through the clot and open up more collateral blood vessels. They were surprised that Sophia hadn’t had symptoms of the blood clots; they think that she must have a good amount of collateral blood vessels that has kept a good supply of blood going through the brain. Please pray that she’ll come out of this new hurdle okay, that they will find a reason for the fever so that they can treat it. Let’s pray that those blood clots will dissolve quickly and that there’s no permanent damage because of it. Please let’s continue praying for wisdom for all the doctors and for the nurses. Please continue praying for Scott, Veronica and Matias. The new obstacles are getting harder to handle under the fatigue and stress. Matias asked his daddy today, if today Sophia was going to pass away, and to please call him if there was something wrong again. He’s very worried and it’s starting to show. Please pray for him also. Thank you. God bless you, Daniela