Friday, August 06, 2010

Sheen on peace

I remember in preparation for an Easter broadcast writing into the text, "Poland was crucified by two thieves; the two thieves being the Nazis and the Soviets." I received a telegram from one of me censors telling me that I would not be permitted to say that over the readio. I sent the censor a telegram saying, "Would it be all right to call Russia the good thief?" He did not think it a bit funny.

If true peace is to be won, it must first be won in our own hearts. Let us turn back to God and establish justice in our souls. Russia will perish because it is anti-God; but we shall not survive if [] we are Godless. If we put ourselves on God's side, then who shall be against us? May God keep our minds clear and our hearts pure, that we may never be deceived by the false peace []. as Dante put it, "In Thy Will, God, is our peace."

"Life Is Worth Living", Fulton J. Sheen, 1953

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