Friday, February 12, 2010

St. Dominic, the Order, and today

Here's a long read that is well worth it, posted at the Friar's Blog, Province of St. Joseph:

"Master Dominic and the Grace of Preaching"
Fr. Joseph Ellul O.P, L'Osservatore Romano

[...]Dominic also had the courage to present university professors and their students with the greatest challenge of their lives, that of transforming their ambition to make a career for themselves into an ambition to save their own souls and those of others.
Today's society has every right to pose uncomfortable questions to the Church. It is an essential element of that healthy tension that should exist between them. But it is no less true that this same society should be ready to hear some uncomfortable answers. The Church's mission is that of proclaiming the Gospel, and the content of the latter is not necessarily what one would wish to hear nor is it always music to our ears. Neither is it up to society to dictate what issues the Church should speak about and those about which it should keep its mouth shut. [...]

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