Sunday, June 08, 2008

Catholic Radio coming to Boise

Last night if you had turned your dial to KSXL AM 890 between 6-9PM, you would have heard the inaugural broadcast of Salt and Light radio, which will begin broadcasting next Sunday during daylight hours, and, if all goes well, broadcasting Catholic content radio 24/7 by early August.

With the blessings of Bishop Michael Driscoll and the Diocese of Boise, this lay led apostolate will begin with EWTN and Catholic Answers programming in English and Spanish, and later will branch into locally produced programming.

Last night, Keith Pettyjohn, President of Salt and Light Radio, kicked off the station with an event at the home of Bill and MaryLou Molitor; here Keith is introducing Salt and Light Radio:

Keith was followed by Tony Galati, general manager of KBVM Catholic Radio of Portland, who told about some of the tremendous experiences of grace he has seen with Catholic Radio:

Tony was followed by Rod Fazzari, owner and operator of KHSS Catholic Radio of Walla Walla, who told of single handedly starting a Catholic Radio station as a way to share the faith he had grown up with and "rediscovered."

The three were posing for a publicity picture, and I'm not sure what the joke was, but perhaps from the two "in the know" to the new kid on the block. Good natured all around!

Of course, Tony is special to Idaho Dominicans, as he is also a member of the Dominican Third Order; and more than that, is an officer of the Lay Provincial Council, which is meeting at St. Alberts Priory in Oakland, California, in two weeks, to discuss issues of concern to the Dominican laity. So I managed to convince Tony that he should mix business with business with pleasure and come to Chapter House for a visit!

For further information:

Salt & Light
P.O. Box 714
Boise, ID 83701

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