Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Babies in Detroit Dumpster

This is copied entire from Steve Ray's blog:

Bishop Quinn to hold memorial Mass for 25 aborted babies

Bishop John M. Quinn
Detroit, May 3, 2008 / 06:16 am (CNA).- On Saturday Bishop John Quinn of Detroit will offer a funeral Mass for twenty-five babies whose bodies were recovered from garbage dumpsters behind an abortion clinic.

In March Dr. Monica Migliorino Miller, who heads the group Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, videotaped the contents of several bags of trash removed from the back of a Lathrup Village abortion clinic named Womancare of Southfield. The graphic video shows bloody surgical materials, hypodermic needles, private medical records, and the remains of aborted human babies.

“This is no ordinary funeral,” said Father Frank Pavone, head of Priests for Life, writing in his column on “There are still too many of our fellow citizens who don’t even acknowledge that the people who will be buried this Saturday are people at all. To mourn their deaths publicly, therefore, is not just to honor them, but to sound a wake-up call to our nation that we are living amidst the biggest holocaust of all time.”

He called upon priests to alert their congregations of the burial of these children who were “brutally, legally killed.”

“Abortion has become too abstract,” Father Pavone continued. “The word has lost its meaning. The conceptual knowledge that children are being killed is no longer enough to awaken many people to action. We need the funerals, we need to see the bodies, we need to hear the disgusting details of the abortions in order to be roused out of our moral slumber and end this killing once and for all.”

According to Father Pavone, Alberto Hodari, the head of the abortion clinic where the bodies were found, also threw patient medical records into the dumpster. “Sadly, that is the only issue on which he may get into trouble,” he said.

“When society will punish a man for the pieces of paper he threw in the garbage but excuse him for throwing babies into that same garbage, we have become guilty of straining the gnat and swallowing the camel,” Father Pavone said.

Father Pavone said that two weeks after the funeral, pro-life advocates in Dallas will pray at a grave of 1,300 babies. They have prayed at the grave there for 25 years in a row.


  1. How absolutely, heartbreakingly sad that there are women who think so much of themselves that they would consign their children to a dumpster. Please, everyone, pray that all women who are considering an abortion this day will choose life for their child, and put it up for adoption if it is too inconvienient for them to raise their own children. Also I pray for a return the celebration of chastity.

  2. I am completely against the abortion of babies that have begun to develop, however you cannot expect a young woman who can barely support herself to be able to give a child a proper quality of life. At conception, for the first several months, a "child" is no more than several cells. Many of these women face these situations as the result of rape - not only do they have to live with this experience for the rest of their lives but they also have to go through 9-months of pregnancy for the child of a rapist?

    Please don't call it "inconvenient" to raise these children - it's impossible. Moreover, if abortion was made illegal, the already full orphanages would have no place for the huge influx of newborn children.

    Also, chastity is something taught to you by your religion. Please do not try to make others do what your religion preaches. Humans have free will. It doesn't need to be law, if people want to learn what to do to be a good christian they would go to church. Otherwise, human nature suggests that chastity is not what our bodies are designed for, but I won't burden you with science.

  3. What full orphanages? Have you tried to adopt lately, or in the last 30 years?

    I can expect all people not to commit homicide, and that is not an unreasonable expectation.

    I will burden you with science, and it is science, not religion, which finally answered the question of what is present after conception; a human being, in the earliest stages of development. Not just a clump of cells, not part of the mother or the father, but a new person.

    You must not know anyone who was adopted and found out that they were given up for adoption after a birth that resulted from a rape. Are you willing to look them in the eye and tell them they should be dead?

    If we do not defend the utterly defenseless, or speak for the utterly voiceless, or assist the utterly poor, then where does defense and advocacy begin?

    I will tell others to do what my religion teaches. that is why we have universities, public schools, hospitals, and many other social services, and also why we should not kill each other. The nature of law, Rich, is to separate that which is right from that which is wrong, and my religion teaches that all men may know this through what is called the "Natural Law" - you will find in enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, two documents which more and more Americans, particularly activist lawyers and judges, are finding increasingly irritating.